Multi-District PETS Alliance

Founded 1992

Share organization, planning, and curriculum concepts in order to develop the best practices for training Rotary’s future leaders.

Did You Know?

The first multi-district PETS was in the U. S. in 1977. Now there are multi-district PETS in Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

By 2011, almost 95% of all U. S. Rotary Club Presidents-Elect were trained at a multi-district PETS.

While some multi-district PETS are formed with as many as nine districts, more frequently there are just three or four districts.

Some multi-district PETS also provide training specifically developed for assistant governors, presidents-nominee, and club secretaries.

Want to Join One? Start One?

Your district can join an existing multi-district event. Just ask.

Your district can join with others and create a new multi-district PETS. Three new multi-district events were created in 2009 and two more in 2010 — with as few as two districts.

How do you get started? How can you find out more? If your district is not a part of a multi-district PETS and would like to consider joining this trend in officer training, please visit our website for contact information and many other resources.

Membership in the Multi-District PETS Alliance is on an annual basis and is dues based to support dissemination of information and the overhead expenses of the annual meeting.


Multi District PETS   $275/annual  |  includes 3 attendees at annual meeting.
Single District PETS   $100/annual includes 1 attendee at the annual meeting.

Should your event need to bring additional leaders to the meeting, please contact Wade Nomura for information about stand-by status and cost.

Want to join our group? Please contact Wade Nomura.

Presidents-Elect Benefit

The typical president-elect has little concept of Rotary outside their club. A multi-district PETS enables the opportunity for club presidents to network with their peers even outside of their own district. There is a tremendous sharing of information about:

  • Administration
  • Membership
  • Projects
  • Fund-raising ideas
  • Common club challenges

Multi-district PETS provide incoming club and district officers a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with senior Rotary leaders such as:

  • RI President
  • RI President-Elect
  • RI President Nominee
  • Rotary Foundation Trustee
  • RI Director

A multi-district PETS represents a significant opportunity to our clubs’ leaders for:

  • instruction
  • networking
  • inspiration
  • resource awareness

Smaller training events can sometimes struggle to attract the best keynote speakers. The multi-district events are larger and wield their cumulative resources to secure some of the most sought-after plenary speakers — both from within Rotary and outside Rotary. Excite the president-elect with exhibits of projects from around the Rotary world!

Rising to the Challenge

PETS participation is a requirement for a president-elect before taking office. All the more reason for each district’s leadership to make PETS the best experience a club officer has prior to taking the reins of leadership for their club.

Many presidents-elect have never attended a district conference or RI convention. A multi-district PETS may be the single largest Rotary event they ever will attend.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the average governor-elect has not been trained to create, manage, and facilitate a training meeting of this scope and significance. District leaders consider this approach over single district events due to:

  • Economies of scale
  • Sharing each district’s talent
  • More effective use of district resources
  • Attracting keynote speakers, more

A seminar committee comprised of leaders from multiple districts will bring more talent to this critical task and permits each DGE to focus on training their club officers instead of event management, training discussion leaders, logistics, curriculum development, etc. In essence, the individual districts’ strengths combine to make a stronger multi-district PETS than that which any single-district PETS can provide to their presidents-elect. Investigate — It may be perfect for you.